Why more women are riding motorcycles

Right now in the US, 14% of motorcycle owners are women. This may not seem like a great deal but ten years back this figure was as low as 7%. Similarly, in Asia, the trend is steadily moving towards an accelerated number of women owners and riders. Not far behind are support industries such as female riding apparel, women friendly gear and even beginner bikes catering to the emerging woman rider.

So, why is there an increasing number of women riding motorcycles today than ever before?

Some say it represents the self expression of the oppressed yin while others believe that it comes with the territory of a financially independent species: splurging, living it up, throwing caution to the wind, following passion etc. The fact is that there are more women oriented motorcycles available these days. Plus the roads are better and the world is more open to women travelling alone (on or off their bikes). Few years ago such was not the case.

Well, whatever the reason, the undisputed point is that women ride for different reasons than men do. They also learn to ride differently, and select their bikes for other attributes than a guy does. 40% of the 14% motorcycle owning feminine sector however prefer riding cruisers over any other excuse for a bike. So maybe men and women are not all that different after all!

Happier, Sexier, More Confident!!!

Studies carried out by Harley Davidson show that women have very specific take-aways from their biking experiences. It’s possible that the guys feel these too but don’t even realise it in their heady states…

37% of women riders claim to be in eternal bliss when only 16% of non riders tend to feel that way all the time. The next one is even more interesting – 27% of women riders always feel sexy and more appealing as compared to only 7% of non riders. That’s 4 times the amount! Of course, nearly double the amount of women riders feel more confident of themselves than the ones who don’t ride.

And if that isn’t enough to convince you…

This study deduces that women who ride motorbikes have better relationships than the ones who don’t. Better communication with partners and finer physical intimacy is definitely worth something.

Associated Emerging Markets

The initial lot of women riders have obviously triggered the development of related industries. But it’s due to this support system that more women are eager to explore the urge to ride and own motorcycles. Media avenues via websites and magazines dedicated to advising women riders, clubs and forums where women can share their apprehensions, and stories, women biking apparel and safety gear, and many more such connected ideas only serve to boost the inner wild child.

But at the end of the road, it’s about the machine, the owner and their united path of discovery. However, the next time you see a female motorcyclist on the road, remember this:

As she zooms and swerves like a boss, she is not only conquering her fears, and seeing the world with her own eyes but she is also feeling her self worth surge forth like no other.

If you are a woman rider with a unique story about how and why you began riding motorcycles, please do write in to us so we can share your inspiring message with the other fellow GoBikerz.

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