Tips for Women Bikers Wanting to Buy Their First Bike (Part 2)

(cont’d from ‘Tips for women bikers wanting to buy their first bike (part 1)’)


Beginner bikes

Before you select the model, we strongly recommend a second hand buy for your first bike. It’s less stressful and will make sense to you once the first couple of dents and scratches appear on your machine. The appropriate question here is not ‘if’ but ‘when’ that will happen.


As for the models, here are our top recommendations:

a) The Honda CBR150 is a common favourite among beginners. This could be owing to all that flash and pomp. But more importantly it’s the Honda brand that spells class and reliability. It also has good mileage and ground clearance.


b) The KTM Duke 200 ABS Street is a thrilling machine, ideal for short trips with no pillion. Its great value for money and recommended by many as the perfect first bike. The Duke 200 is a single cylinder 199.5cc, 6 speed gear-boxed missile with ABS! Its seat height of 800 mm fits all (below 5′ 11” that is) and if your need is truly for some speed, check this one out for sure.


c) The MSX125 is an ideal city companion that can whiz easily through traffic with its light weight and 125 cc engine. The great thing about this one is that it suits men and women of all heights and though its low powered, it handles just like a motorcycle. Hence, makes it an ideal first timer vehicle.


d) The Honda TA200 is a Harley look alike but without the heaviness. It’s a cruiser that will allow you to soak in your environment instead of screaming past it all, while you get well versed with the machine. It’s flaunty, well supported and well priced. Once your research is complete, you will surely feel like an accomplished biker with the know-how to advise other biking enthusiasts wanting to pick their own rides. Please do share your insights and experiences with us for the benefit of other GoBikerz ladies!

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