Tips for Washing Your Motorcycle

Do you form the essential ‘pro’ in procrastination, especially when it comes to cleaning your motorbike?! Nevertheless you love it, right? Well, then here are few quick tips for your motorbike cleaning regime that ought to be vital for all motorcycle lovers!

These tips can be of use after a long haul trip, or even smack bang in the middle of a distant escapade…They’re easy, sensible and cost effective.

Read on…


Cool then clean

If you are planning to get to work after a ride, make sure that your engine and exhaust have cooled down before you enthusiastically begin the washing process. Some bikers like their machines to don a rugged, been-there done-that look. We completely understand that… It’s living proof of the off-roader within you! But believe us when we say, it’s always recommended to keep your motorbike clean no matter how wild your style. Basic cleaning is mandatory for smooth functioning, safety and longevity.


Use the right detergents

A car-wash liquid or a good quality liquid detergent and a good sponge will give your motorbike the basic once over to remove that initial coating of grime and dust that settles on it after a good ride. Before you complete the wash, use a wheel cleaner and quickly wipe off the wheels as well. But, make sure that you read the instructions on the cleaners, to avoid regret about abrasive impacts on your tires and the like. Give it a final rinse and air dry it for about a day.


Get into the gaps

Use a chamois cloth to rub out the nooks and corners of the bike. This step is very important before you put your vehicle back into the garage, as moisture can cause corrosion. You wouldn’t want to be the reason for that now would you?


Clay bars

If you are someone who prefers perfection, then you must try the CLAY BAR. Clay bars are readily available via almost any online store. They offer the best way to remove impurities off paint, without damaging it. Use some detailing spray as a lubricant and run the clay bar over the frame of your bike. Buff it with a clean microfiber towel. And lo! Your bike will soon sport that fresh showroom shine.


Almost at the…..finishing line

Next are waxes and finishing creams that are available in abundance. After your vehicle undergoes the wax and finishing creams treatment, you must make sure that it is not exposed to direct sunlight. This will make your laborious wax job go to waste in an instant. Also note once the wax dries off, buff it all over with a fresh application.


Gross exhaust

Given that you and your machine may have accomplished some rough terrains or worse, ensured some tough potholes, don’t forget the gross exhaust. Give it some good lovin’ treatment. Use a detailing spray and microfiber cloth to clean the spokes and in between the rim.

Sounds like such a chore, but believe us it isn’t. It can be highly rewarding to transform a gritty, neglected machine into a clean mean one!

So GoBikerz, follow these easy steps for a shiny, enviable motorcycle and remember to send us those Before and After pictures!

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