Tips for a long distance motorcycle trip

The excitement is in the air. The prospect of spending such a long time on the road, on the beautiful route that, we’re sure, you’ve chosen very carefully. Exploring territory on your bike, with your friends/partner. The plan is on and it’s a thrilling thought. Every last bit of it!!!

The next thing however is to prepare and prepare well. You don’t want your excitement to fizzle out at the first sign of bad weather, a break down or something worse.

Here are some tips to make your long distance motorcycle trip an enjoyable and safe one:

1) Suit up

A long distance journey differs to a short trip to the next country or suburb. You need to be prepared for all kinds of weather, keeping in mind the season and altitude of the place you’re going to Visit a local gear dealership or check online for a good weather proof riding suit that you can slip over your clothes when it gets rough. Make sure it keeps you warm and dry.

2) Rack up

The amount of luggage you’re carrying is directly related to where you’re headed and how long you plan to be on the road. For long trips, don’t attempt to carry your stuff on your back. That’s gonna hurt and make you miserable over time.  Install luggage racks and use them for what they are meant for. Also, pack less. Ask yourself about each item that you

think you realllly need. And if you realise that you don’t need it, leave it behind! What you should not leave behind however are layers. You will need those while zooming at high velocities.

3) Check up

Even if you’ve just had your bike serviced a couple of weeks back, take it to the mechanic and get everything checked again – tires, lights, brakes, oil, fluids…The whole bit. Inform the one checking your bike that you tend to take a long trip to ensure he does a darn good job of it.

4) Confirm the best route

If you’re going to places you haven’t been to before, speak to people personally or via forums to know the condition of roads or any new ways to get there. Though you may be have never been there before, it’s highly likely that you are NOT Columbus discovering new lands (or maybe you are!). Discuss your plans with other riders and compare notes on the best motor-cyclable roads. You wouldn’t want to go all the way and miss out on something!

So, do share your long distance expedition plans with us or any far expeditions already achieved. Your inputs may help other GoBikerz or who knows? They may help you get the best out of your biking experience.

Ride well and ride safe. Happy Biking!

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