The Risks of Not Riding a Motorcycle

Yes, you read that right! The risks of not riding motorcycles. As a non rider, one may not completely comprehend this idea but with experience, it may slowly sink in. Some learn to respect a motorcycle instead of fearing it while others hold on to the fear. A fear that stops them from feeling that pulsating thrill that makes one glad to be alive…

Most humans on this planet think that riding a motorcycle is risky and that there are actually no risks of NOT riding a motorcycle!

Motorcyclists are invariably labeled as reckless and careless. Not blaming anyone as stats do reflect that motorcycles cause more deaths than cars but fact is that “Motorcycling isn’t dangerous. Unguarded and unsafe motorcycling is”.

So, why is motorcycle riding considered risky?

As mentioned earlier, statistics the world over show riding to be more accident prone than driving. Other reasons could be the media portrayal of a motorcyclist’s lifestyle – on the edge, carefree, living for the day etc… Risky, rash riding push television ratings and at the same time, affect impressionable minds to believe that motorcycle riding is indeed a risky affair.

We think it’s more the perceived image that taints the truth of what motorcycling is. When an inexperienced, immature or worse, inebriated individual mounts a motorcycle, he/she is immediately placing himself/herself and the world around in danger. Also lack of helmets or safety gear is a serious crime and though many states or countries don’t enforce these, safety is something each rider needs to discipline himself/herself on.

So, what can happen if you don’t ride?


Riding a motorcycle requires your entire being to be tuned into one act. It’s impossible to put a motorbike on auto pilot and laze back, listening to music. Motorcycling pushes you to live in the NOW and feel each moment. They say, a car’s an extension of your life while a motorcycle is an extension of you. How true! You may never know what its like to be one with your inner and outer being, working in synchronicity, doing something that feels so right if you never ride!


You’ll be depriving yourself of that exhilarating sensation of taking off and setting free. Fresh air, open spaces and complete control over the machine. That’s some solid therapy for the soul. We, personally,  look forward to getting lost while riding motorcycles. We love to rely on instinct to get to where we want. A mental release from directions is like a spiritual experience for us.


You may miss out on some really valuable friendships. I know we’ve met a few. largely owing to our motorcycle escapades. An unparalleled sense of camaraderie is a beautiful, unspoken understanding that exists between bikers. Meeting motorcyclists in the other side of the world and hitting it off instantly is quite like being reunited with lost family members! We connect, share and make memories all the time. In fact, we are a little addicted to it.


We believe motorcycle riding unleashes the risk taking abilities in a largely cautious society. By risk, we don’t mean illogical and irrational action. It’s more about shedding inhibitions and going after what you want. It breaks the imaginary barriers that we create in our own minds. Riding a motorcycle can work at so many levels. I know for sure that we feel that the challenge to learn and master motorcycling helps us to stay motivated and driven in other areas of our lives as well.

These are just our thoughts on what happens if you don’t ride motorcycles. But if you have any other points you’d like to share with our readers, please do write in to us. Let others know that there are more risks of not riding a motorbike than there are of riding one!

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