Motorcycles the Singapore Trend

Singapore is the land of commutability! Today, moving around the city is easier than ever before, that too without your own car. The train and bus system is so convenient and economical, there is actually no need to invest in a four wheeler.

This scenario also supports our favourite activity – Motorcycling!

Let’s take a closer look at the market.


The Singaporean motorcycles market

The Singaporean motorcycle market was worth $42.1 million in 2014 with a whopping 7,464 motorcycles getting registered in 2015 alone. Singaporeans prefer the smaller 2B motorcycles with an average engine capacity of 250 cc. This range is in fact the most popular means of transportation in Singapore.

Some do favour the Class 2 ie: 401 cc and above and the Class 2A (201 to 400 cc) ranges here but these occupy only 13% of the overall local motorcycle population. There are definitely more superbikes, adventure tourers and cruisers to choose from in Singapore than any other kinds…


Singapore’s top brands

Honda and Yamaha are the winners, hands down. Singaporeans love their Japanese motorbikes. While Honda holds tight to the position of placing the highest number of motorcycles on Singapore roads, it’s Yamaha who has grown in leaps and bounds over the last 10 years (32%).

Yamaha’s Class 2 models like the MT-09, MT-07, and of course, the R1 superbike definitely caught our attention. We also loved the super efficiency of the NC75. And surprisingly, the numbers show great results for commuter brands like India’s Bajaj and Taiwanese Sym. High-end BMW, Harley, Ducati and Triumph show sound progress in this market too.


Cars in Singapore

While motorcycles are gaining popularity, it’s the local four wheeler that’s truly suffering. The fact is that most Singaporeans simply cannot afford to buy or own a car anymore. The extremely expensive tax structure, and added expenses of the elusive certificate of entitlement have resulted in a situation in which only 15 percent of Singaporeans are brave enough to own a car. Hence, more motorcycles…

Apart from personal usage, vehicles are required for commercial purposes. Food delivery functions, courier services, etc. The lighter 2B range is ideal for zipping through traffic and offering prompt service, which is why we see so many on the roads these days.

However, the reason for an increase in the sales of Class 2 models is an interesting trend that indicates that the average Singaporean is getting more adventurous and is willing to ride one of these motorcycles to different countries. Excellent! Singapore’s adventure motorcycling future looks pretty bright…

Hence, this is why motorcycles are becoming increasingly popular in Singapore.

So GoBikerz, when are you upgrading to the next model?

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