Motorcycle Track Days What You Need to Know

You are pumped up after signing up for your first track day. But now that you have taken this huge step, are you really ready for your first track day? Do you have everything you need? Do not fear, any last minute jitters will vanish once you have read our tips to ensure that you get the maximum out of your day.


Prep your bike

Let us reiterate – Prep your bike thoroughly. Go online and source all bike prep requirements. Do your pre-ride checks like checking oil, brake fluid etc. Don’t wait to get to the track to do this. Address it the evening before your event. That way, you will have less work once you reach the track.


Have you got everything you need?

Make a list! A list never hurt no one… Begin checking items off that list a day or two in advance. Then one last time before you leave the house in the morning. List basics should definitely include your bike stand, full gas cans, food and water, and maybe a camping chair if required. We know you’re excited but get a good night’s sleep as it will help you remain fresh and more importantly, alert throughout the day.


Signing up on arrival

Try and arrive early so you can set up your bike and find a garage if available. Before signing in, check your bike one last time and make sure everything is in order. Carry all your documents for the sign in. Once you are confirmed you will be given a sticker to put on your bike to prove you’re legit and assigned to a group.


Go to the rider’s meeting

Pre-track rider meets are not only to socialize and swap stories. In fact, they are crucial, especially if it’s your first time on the track. A lot of critical safety information is shared for everyone’s benefit. Knowing the passing rules for your group, when to exit and enter the track and other vital details will ensure that you don’t have the staff gunning for you or worse, experiencing a track accident even before really getting out there!


Getting out on the track

Your group position will be intimated at the briefing. No need to be nervous as you will be with other members of your group. Take it easy and you will have an amazing day! The first few laps will be led by an instructor guiding you across the track. Pay attention to which way the track goes and any imperfections on it. Morning sessions are usually slippery due to moisture on the track, so be careful as you do not want to be the dude (or dudette!) who blows out in the first ten minutes.


Session start

You cannot win a track day but surely end up losing one by sliding into a sand trap or tire barrier. If you are stuck behind a rider who is slow but impossible to pass, pull out and roll through the pits, nice and slow giving the other rider a sizeable gap ahead of you and ensuring that you have some space to ride. Be smooth and predictable using a moderate enough throttle setting while speeding so you don’t frustrate other riders while slowing down suddenly at a turn.


Lunch and keeping hydrated

Lunch will be called after around 3-4 sessions. Make sure you eat and hydrate yourself. Eat sparingly to avoid feeling tired and weary in the afternoon sessions. Give your body the fluids and electrolytes it needs to deal with the incredible demands you are putting on it. You will be pumping out an incredible amount of sweat so drink accordingly.


Stop when you are tired

You may feel a bit tired so take it easy, get some rest if required, and go out and enjoy the rest of your sessions. If you feel you have ridden enough, it’s time to call it a day. Remember, it’s not a competition, it’s just supposed to be fun.


Pack up for the day

Make sure you have collected all your belongings and your bike is adjusted for road trim if you are riding back home. Adjust the tire pressure for road conditions and yes, make sure you have enough petrol to get home!

Thank you for reading this guide. We have no doubt that this will be the first of many more track days to come. So get ready for your first track day Gobikerz and be sure to tell us about it.

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