Motorcycle Touring Tips


Holidaying with a fun seeking gang of friends can be quite an easy-to-manage exercise. As long as travel, stay and basic interests match, it’s all good. Everyone has their own space and the company of others, as and when they feel like.

Riding on motorcycles with a friend however involves some other aspects which you may not even have thought of. Here is a short checklist that you must consider in the planning stages of any motorcycle trip to be taken with a friend:

      Individual levels of adventure

While you may looking forward to hairpin turns, off-roading and other challenging territory, does your friend too favour such locations? Some riders like to take it slow, feel the weather, and soak in the scenery, so to speak, while others take on every road as a challenge, only to feel the thrill of conquering it. If someone else suggests trying out certain trails, be sure to confirm what kind of roads these are and if both, your friend and you wish to ride on them.

It’s helpful to first try out other adventure activities, to get the level of what your pal finds enjoyable. Or else he or she will just end up being miserable all the way while you are unable to understand why. Or the other way around…

      Individual experience levels

Though both adventure and experience are kind of related, they aren’t the same thing. E.g.: Your friend may be highly adventurous and really wanting to take off on mountainous  roads, but he/she may not be able to. So to be on the safe side, go on shorter motorbiking trips together, so you can gauge each others’ skill level. Only then proceed to plan a longer, more complicated motorcycling tour. This will prevent incompatibility on the road and not to mention, unnecessary accidents. Experience also plays a role in navigation, instincts, decision making and yes, packing!

      Expectations from the trip

If your friend’s requirement to get away so he/she can spend time complaining and whining about life? Does he/she expect late nights which means getting up late in the morning and missing the best riding hours of the day? What is your focus for the trip? Though you both may love motorcycling and travelling, your individual intentions from the tour may not be the same. It depends on what frame of mind you both are in. Some people even ride to a place and hit the market or shopping malls. Hence, it’s better to know what your buddy expects from the trip. This depends on your individual personalities, genders etc.

      Money allocation

Allocated budgets for trips can make a whole lot of difference. They can mean either ‘roughing it out’, ‘living the high life’ or something in between. Where you eat, stay or even halt is decided by how much money you plan to spend on the trip. It’s preferable to spend a similar amount each, so that there are no money arguments along the way. Those can really take the fun out of any trip…

Once you have agreed on most of these, it’s time to set off! The night before you leave with your buddy/buddies, don’t be too excited to give your motorcycles a thorough once over…
Happy Motorcycle Touring!

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