Motorcycle Safety Gear

Okay, give us one good reason not to get extravagant with motorcycle gear which is as, if not more important than your bike! Gear can be suited to climates, keeping you warm when cold, cool when hot.. we’re sure you get the drift. But most importantly, good quality gear keeps you safe and sound, and gets you back home in one piece.

We don’t mean to alarm you at the onset with the cost implications, but the fact is that the quality we speak of, comes at a certain price. And you certainly wouldn’t want to skimp on your protective motorcycle apparel of all things.

We believe that no motorcycle ride is complete without proper gear. You cannot experience everything a motorbike has to offer without being covered and padded right. So, to be able to really appreciate your motorcycle and motorbike riding in all its glory, start putting together carefully selected components of your personal motorcycle safety gear kit… if you haven’t already, that is.


1) The Jacket

Here’s a scientific fact – If you are moving at a speed of 30 mph and there is impact, you are prone to lose 1mm of flesh for every 1mph. Do the Math! Basically at any greater speed, your bones could literally crumble (or get infected) in a hit. Now, how does the thought of a snug padded jacket sound?


2) The Helmet

Essential. No two ways about it. Statistically speaking, helmets are 67% effective in preventing brain injuries and 37 out of 100 times effective in preventing deaths. That’s how critical this little item is. Wearing any helmet you can lay your hands on is not the aim however. The actual success rate of a helmet depends on how well it fits you and if it meets approved safety standards.

So, collect enough knowledge online and educate yourself to make an informed decision regarding which helmet you should be trusting your life with. It should fit comfortably and cover the full head and face. 45% of motorcycle head crashes affect the face. And no, a full helmet does not hinder vision, audio capabilities, intuition or whatever other rumours that you may have heard. The only issue could be some initial claustrophobia but that too shall pass.


3) Gloves

Select only motorcycling gloves manufactured by well known brands. No other sporty or clubwear gloves will do, no matter how much they resemble motorbike gloves. You can find good motorcycling gloves online or at gear shops and there are many available. But the good brands rule may help you narrow down your choices. Oh yes also… an ideal pair of motorcycle gloves should have a retention strap to stop them from getting flung off in a crash situation.


4) The jacket, pants and suit

Like mentioned earlier, cost for safety gear should be considered an investment. The more expensive a jacket is, the more number of rides will it keep you protected. A 1000D Cordura will last you through multiple crashes while 500D Cordura lasts only once.

In pants, always prefer those which come with adequate butt padding. If you can afford a suit, there is no match for the Aerostich Roadcrafter. It adds race level protection, is weather-proof and easy to zip off.


5) The boots

Do not underestimate the vulnerability of your ankles and feet while riding a motorcycle. Your ankles and feet are just as susceptible to injury as your hands. Go in some rugged work or combat boots to get bomb–proof protection, a tight grip, and good dependable support. An internal sheet shank running through the sole ensures added ankle support and protection so check for that.

And you’re set to go!

If you guys have any other safety gear tips to share with other fellow GoBikerz, please do write to us.

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