Motorcycle Ride in Malaysia

Malaysia is an exhilarating country to say the least. The people, food and especially the motorcycle trails have a way to etch their way into that happy place of memories that we can hold on to forever….

However, if traveling from Singapore, what’s the easiest way to get across and enjoy this adventure? Here are a few tips from our side….


Engage a touring company

Instead of getting across with bags, bike and buoyancy and then trying to figure things out, it would be preferable to set it up from back home. If in Singapore, the motorcycle touring company, Big Loud Rides on Orchard Road is a good bet. They organise tours plus rent out motorcycles. They even have organized group Harley tours and BMW ones. Inquire about these if you approach them. Or else you can just select one that’s most comfortable and suits your mood and needs at that point.


Map your course with points

Embark early to avoid traffic, heat and other unnecessary stress. Remember don’t rely 100% on your GPS, especially if you’ve chartered your course using Google maps. Instead mark important points or milestones and work at getting from one to another and not getting too worried about the exact roads. Plan but don’t stop yourself from exploring.


Getting into Malaysia

If entering from Singapore, its all good and pretty straightforward. The Tuas checkpoint is the most peaceful and requires no paperwork. Only the toll card is needed and there’s a proper designated lane for motorcycles on the left so entry is smooth. One basically crosses the bridge from Singapore to Malaysia where you will soon spot the toll plaza. Once you pay the bridge toll, its like magic… one second you’re here and the next you’re in Malaysia enjoying some roti canai!

On entering Malaysia, as a motorcycle rider, you pay no toll. There’s a rest stop at the toll plaza for changing into rain gear (that happens very often!), checking tires etc. And then off you go!


Hit the Malaysian roads!

Genting Highlands in Pahang is a location that many riders head to but you may opt for others. Keep riding towards it till you get to route 9 from Negeri Sembilan that leads to Bentong. Once you get to Karak, the road opens up into a multi-lane highway and that’s an enjoyable stretch with long fun cruising curves. Even though the climb to Genting Highlands is steep, the multi lanes make it enjoyable. When you get to the top you will find hotels, and a romantic theme park if couples desire to spend a night here. Its pretty awesome!

There on, you may head to Cameron Highlands routing via the Raub district onto the C156. Yes, our focus are the roads. The C181 is nice too but the 156 is ideal! Again, long sweeping corners, less traffic, and lined with plantations makes for a beautifully scenic route for any motorbike rider.


Heading back

Frasers Hill, like Genting Highlands is atop a mountain and is nice for a night’s stay. Choose the regional roads while riding back via Kuala Lumpur to avoid the scorching heat and the small town traffic along the way. Its an easy navigation with many fueling points and some motorcycle parks for unscheduled (or scheduled) stops. You will soon find yourself back in Singapore, wiser than before!

So, here was our simple touring guide from Singapore to Malaysia, but if any of you have other motorbiking routes or tours you would like to share, please do send them to us!

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