Motorcycle gear: Protect Yourself from Head to Toe

It can be a highly uplifting feeling to ride free with the wind in your hair! Except… it’s not at all safe. Even if you’re taking your motorcycle out for a quick spin around the block or a long ride through nature trails, your gear must come along with you. And not in a bag… but fitted snugly on you!

There are enough cases to prove the importance of proper biking gear and how it has saved numerous complications and even lives. According to NHTSA data, motorcycling is 33 times more dangerous than driving a car. We all know that it can be a million times more fun, so let’s keep it that way…

Here is a list of safety gear that you must invest in and wear each time you get onto your motorcycle:


1) Helmets

In many Southeast Asian countries, helmets are lawfully enforced while riding a motorcycle. And with good reason too… The helmet is the most vital part of a motorbiker’s safety gear kit.


Here are a few pointers regarding helmet selection and advantages:


Protection under all circumstances

A good PSB certified helmet is tested under all types of extreme conditions to ensure that when you slip one on, you will be protected at all times. So when purchasing one, look for the PSB stamp.

Statistics from the Centres for Disease Control state that traumatic brain injuries are the leading cause of motorcycle-related deaths. Accidents involving head damage cost 13 times more than other injuries to treat. So, please do the math.


Protection for the eyes

Helmets are not worn only in fear of a crash. The frontal flap ensures protection from dust and insects while riding. These can not only sting your eyes and hamper vision but can also seriously damage the eyes. It can be a particularly dangerous scenario especially when hurtling down a freeway at 100 kms per hour!



Those wishing to stay connected, make calls while they ride, get motivated with some pumping (or soothing) tracks, check for directions or more, helmets with bluetooth connectivity are ideal for you.


2) Leather gloves, jacket & pants:


It makes complete sense to think of hand protection next as we tend to use our hands the most during accidents, to save ourselves from getting injured or hurt badly. By doing this, we expose them to dangerous situations. Hence, a good strong pair of leather gloves can protect your skin from getting scraped, your fingers from getting cut, bruised or broken and your wrists from twisting and fractures. You may even be able to save yourself better with gloves. You may re enforce your gloves with knuckle protectors to be doubly sure.



Motorcycle jackets not only look sharp but are very useful items in motorcycle gear kits. Acting like armour for the torso, a jacket can prevent all kinds of injuries. When you’re checking out the material, size, cut, thickness and comfort, don’t forget to see whether its CE certified. Jackets not only keep you safe from accidental harm but also from harsh elements, especially when riding at high speeds.


Pants or pant suit

Full length motorcycle suits are great for long distance rides in extreme temperatures. But if you’re travelling shorter distances, a good pair of leather pants or jeans with leather patches will do. Just make sure they’re not too tight or prone to shrinkage in wet weather!


3) Boots

What better accessory to finish off the motorbiker look? A comfortable pair of sturdy leather boots are fashionable and protective. Ankle or just above the ankle length boots are suitable as they cushion your feet and your ankles if needed. They also keep your feet dry and warm.

So GoBikerz, grab those elements of gear that you don’t have yet. And if your gear kit is complete, then what are you waiting for? Dress up and head out, with no worries!

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