Motorcycle Adventure Rides_How to Pack For Your Journey (Part 3)


Delays at border crossings or worse, a flat tire or breakdown will ensure that you do not get to eat when ‘hungry’. Carry some nuts, dried fruit, or some kind of non-perishable snack with you at all times to keep the rumbling stomach satiated.


Water Purification

Purification tablets, bacteria-killing UV lights, and simple filter & pressure systems are great options for water purification. Carrying spare water in a 5-10 liter bag can be a useful alternative though, if you are planning to ride through a couple of days where fresh drinking water is just a distant dream.


Pain-killing remedies

If you are riding at an elevation you will experience the effects of altitude change at some point, usually involving a headache or some feelings of dizziness. Make sure that you keep suitable drugs with you to help combat the headaches that are very common with altitude sickness or any other ailment that might end up killing a good time….


Spare key – But where do I keep it?

You never know when your keys either get lost or break for no apparent reason. Carry a spare key at all times with you. Don’t plan on keeping it somewhere on your bike in case the bike itself get stolen (God forbid!) You can buy a simple Velcro/nylon watch band from almost any watch store. Use it either as an existing loop on the band or a key-ring or something to put on your wrist permanently.


Baby wipes, ultra-light towel, sunglasses and a camera

Make no mistake; you will come across that public bathroom which doesn’t have any toilet paper. Not only will these baby wipes get you out of a ‘sticky’ situation but you can also use them to clean bug-splattered goggles or helmet visors as well as your hands after some motorcycle maintenance.

Restrain yourself from bringing that plush, terry-cloth towel from home. These ultra-light towels are cheap, dry out well overnight, and do not take up much space.

Keep your sunglasses with you at all times as proper visibility is the key to safe motorcycle riding. Plus, you do not want to ride off a cliff due to damaged goggles. That’s not a story anyone would care for much!

Carrying your semi-pro SLR camera can be very useful but photo opportunities pass us so quickly that it is a good idea to pick-up a pocket-sized camera that will be more than sufficient to snap a photo quickly before it’s too late.

We hope this information will be useful for all of you adventurous GoBikerz. Oh, and make sure to take lots of pictures and real life accounts to send us! We’d love to know all about it.

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