Motorcycle Adventure Rides_How to Pack For Your Journey (Part 2)

Tent, sleeping bag, burners/stoves, pots and pans, accessories, and a head lamp are must haves if you are planning to camp out and do a bit of cooking. Things to keep in mind while picking up these items are:

1. Tent – A Half Dome tent is the perfect buy to not only protect you in extremely high winds and rain but to ensure you have space to keep your riding gear and bags inside the tent.

2. Sleeping bag – Your personal travel plans will help you decide what temperature range you need to choose for your sleeping bag but make sure it is synthetic as it’s quick to dry, requires a little space and plus, its cheap!

3. Burner/stove – Getting a multi-fuel stove makes more sense as white gas, kerosene, or unleaded auto/motorcycle fuel can be usually found in most places around the world. Also, you will have 1 and ½ liters of extra gas in your stove in case you run out of fuel. Aha!

4. Pots/Pans – Stainless steel works best here and you can store your stove and a few more things inside the pots using the pan as a lid which packs down into a convenient and durable resource.

5. Accessories – What you need in terms of knives, cutting boards, spatulas, lighters, and cleaning utensils can be figured out by practicing your cooking routine before you leave as it’ll help you figure which items you might be forgetting.

6. Head lamp – You will need a good headlamp to see what the hell you are doing in the dark! Our recommendation is to get one that operates on AAA or larger batteries.


Locking your Motorcycle & Gear

Always consider how your bag is secured on your motorcycle. Either plan on carrying tank bags, luggage bags, and your helmet with you at all times, or find some secure way to lock these items to the motorcycle. With regards to motorcycle locks, get a high-quality U-Lock that locks two bikes (yours and your riding buddy’s) together closely making it very difficult for thieves to even reach the lock. Just make sure you never try to load both bikes at the same time on a truck. You wont find such tips anywhere else…


Tools and riggings

Limit the amount of tools you bring along and choose multi-purpose ones to serve your needs. Use Tie Down Straps with winches or clamps built in to secure your luggage. Zip-ties are also very effective. Get a simple rubber or plastic tube in case your bike breaks down and someone is willing to sell some fuel from their vehicle. When properly wrapped, this will not take up too much space.


Flat tires

I know what you are thinking; that never happens with me. Yeah, right! Best to understand what type of rims the bike comes with, and if the use of tubes is actually necessary or not. You need to use plenty of lubrication to take the tire on/off the rim while replacing a tube.


Cont’d in Part 3….

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