Motorcycle Adventure Rides_How to Pack For Your Journey (Part 1)

Gearing up to play your role in the fastest growing segment in motorcycling, the sport? Adventure touring is gaining tremendous momentum as more folks are discovering the incomparable thrill of motorbike riding into unfamiliar terrain.

The exhilaration of cross country and terrain riding catapults the thrill of going to a new place and negotiating new roads on a motorbike to another level! But how does one pack for a journey with so many unexpected twists and turns in its path?

Well, we have a few tips and clues that will surely get you thinking in the right direction:



The hydration-pack, or basically a backpack with a water source built-in is a motorcycle rider’s best friend. This convenient water source hangs a hose over your shoulder for easy sipping while riding. Try getting one large enough to fill up the water bladder inside with ample space for your documents and valuables. Since wherever you go, water is one substance you will definitely need!


Rain gear

Rapidly changing weather on a ride can dampen the spirits of most riders. Personally test your rain gear while riding in significant rain for at least a couple of hours. Rain can not only penetrate insufficient material but soak you in a matter of minutes. And that can be highly unpleasant! Make sure you get products made with GORE-Tex which allow your body to breathe as well as protect you from the elements. The last thing you want is to trap the sweat inside which is like biking with your body sauna’d in plastic wrap.


Clothing and extra protection

You can reduce the space for clothes by replacing all your cotton items with synthetic or wool. These have moisture-wicking properties and will keep you dry, comfortable, and relatively odor-free. Plus, you don’t need to worry if you haven’t washed your micro-fiber underwear for a couple of days, just keep that information to yourself!

Getting a body armor jacket and kneepads will help you a lot in the event of a crash. Not only will it provide you with the best protection but increase your confidence while riding. You may lose a bit of comfort but so what! Just be prepared to be called the new ‘Terminator’ on the block.


Luggage bags

Sorry, but your younger brother’s ‘school bag’ won’t do in this case. You will need a rugged, waterproof, and durable one to store your clothes, tent and sleeping bag. A bag with 90 liters of space should do the job. It’s easy to clean too. Just put the watertight bag on the floor of your shower while bathing but while riding, make sure that the bag is secured with durable straps as you don’t want it to slip off as you negotiate a turn. Trust us… You will also do well by investing in a side case for your bags on both sides rather than a top case as you want to keep your food and textiles separate from your fuels/oils. Can you imagine the stink if you mixed them together? Ewwww!

Cont’d in part 2

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