Malaysia by Motorcycle Through the Heart of Pahang

We love Malaysian trails and all their ethereal beauty!

This particular route to Pahang begins at Kuala Lumpur. As you travellers may be knowing, Kuala Lumpur is Malaysia’s bustling capital. This busy city, like most others, is a huge melting pot of cultures, people, gastronomic delights and of course, traffic! Though you may be beginning your Malaysian motor-biking experience here, all of it won’t be the same. We assure you of that! Especially THE TRAFFIC.

KL’s motorcyclists are known for their daredevil on-road feats. But all you need to do is be aware and stay safe…

Before we begin our journey, let’s talk a little about Pahang – it has it all! Beautiful mountainous terrain, refreshing rides through green lush rainforests and some even along the coastline. The streets, though sparse, are tricky so be careful which motorbike you choose for this particular expedition. One that manoeuvres and handles well. Would do best. We do not recommend a dirt track or an off roader here. You will be encountering narrow, village roads often especially if you head via the Karak highway towards the common touristy places such as Taman Negara, Cameron Highlands or Kenong Rimba. All soooo beautiful!


On the Karak Highway

The long and winding Karak Highway, is where you can finally open her up and fly. They really get it here with dedicated motorcycle side lanes and two-wheel toll-free access roads, including many cyclists, mind you. So you need to be careful though even they seem to hit their highest speeds on this road.


The road to Kuala Lipis

Before you actually reach Kuala Lipis, you will go through charming Raub. Raub was once a gold miner’s delight but today, the palm plantations are what will make you sure you’re on the right road. They will lead you to Sungai Koyan which is a proper palm tree plantation outpost. This is where you can stop to fill tank and tummy.

After the pit stop, as you continue riding east, you will be treated by a myriad of scenes. Green jungles turn into rocky formations of the Titiwangsa range, eventually taking you to Kuala Lipis.

Kuala Lipis, despite its beautiful river, shop-filled streets and mini Chinatown vibes, was unfortunately less robust than Raub.

Kuala Lipis is a pretty little town and if you happen to ride in post early evening, try and stay on for the night market. That’s our tip! Or then you may ride along to neighbouring Jerantut, another charming town. How do you know you’ve reached Jerantut? One smiling Colonel Sanders!


Back to Kuala Lumpur

Soon it will be time to return to Kuala Lumpur. One can actually feel KL before getting there. The people on the road, drivers and especially motorcyclists, suddenly get braver and open to risk taking. If you’ve been basking in the calmness of Pahang’s natural aura, you may be snapped out of it pretty quick on the way back to KL! So, be alert and stop day dreaming…

But we don’t mean to scare you… really! Malaysia is a motorbiking haven with so many unknown, remote trails that are enchanting to say the least. September and October are the wettest months so you have 10 others to really make the most of.

So GoBikerz, plan your Malaysia rides soon and please share your real life accounts with us, with pictures!

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