An Insight Into Electric Motorcycles

The concept of electrically fueled two wheelers is not exactly fresh-from- the-oven!

It was in 1895 that the first patent for an electric bicycle was filed. Around the same time, electric motorcycles with rechargeable batteries came onto the scene. But we’ve only been spotting them on the roads in places and times of fuel shortages and resource cuts.

Today, the electric motorcycle is a fine piece of machinery that can give its next gas powered counterpart a good run for its money. This is mostly due to the extremely light and efficient lithium-ion batteries that power these new machines.

Benefits of buying an electric motorcycle

Here are the several benefits that electric motorcycles offer compared to their gas powered peers:


Today, the electric vehicle can stand shoulder to shoulder with any gas-powered vehicle thanks to the likes of Tesla. But speaking about two wheelers, Road and Track magazine concluded in its August 2013 issue that electric motorcycles are much faster and handle much better than gas-powered ones. To add to which, they also have a quicker 0 to 60 acceleration time owing to the fact that they do not use clutches thereby developing immediate torque.

Maintenance, fuel efficiency, and noise

Easy on maintenance, occasionally needing a change of brake pads and tires, electric motorcycles cost users one to two cents per mile in electricity. Compare that with a powerful BMW gas-guzzling beast and you will know what we mean. With regard to noise, they are so muted on approach that some of them were required to be fitted with an extra sound mechanism so that pedestrians and other motorists can hear them coming!

What to look for when buying one

When purchasing an electric motorcycle, there are a few factors that one needs to consider. One of these is top speed. Another is horsepower. If you know that you will be mostly maneuvering your motorcycle through busy urban streets, then speed should not be a priority at all. Batteries run out when you speed and ride long distances which means electric motorcycles are definitely not recommended for remote far away adventure trails, unless you’re testing one out on an endurance trip. Electrical motorbikes are ideally meant for short, daily commutes. One more

important point – electric motorcycles come in sizes so try before you buy. The wrong or smaller size can actually damage the vehicle each time you ride it as it can overstress the machine.

Top brands

Electric motorcycles from Lightning and Zero are considered top of the line when it comes to overall performance. In terms of torque, the Zero SR is up there with the 1000 cc gas bikes, while in terms of horsepower, it’s equal to 600 cc bikes. If you take depreciation out of the mix then the Zero SR suddenly becomes financially appealing. The Lightning LS-218 on the other hand hit 218 mph on the Bonneville Salt Flats during Speed Week. The name sure fits!

Though the electric motorcycles aren’t on the Supercharger network yet, Tesla’s got this figured out and is building the infrastructure needed to extend the range of these bikes. That’s good news for fans of electrical motorcycles and Tesla too! We believe there will be a Tesla creation in the area of electric two wheelers ready in the next couple of years.

So GoBikerz, if you are on the lookout for an electric machine, you can either wait for the Tesla surprise or look online for the current electric motorcycle range in the market. And do let us know which ones you feel are worth owning!

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