How to buy a motorcycle

It takes a whole lot more than just setting your sights on that beauty in a swanky showroom or splashed across your computer screen. Apart from finding that right match that suits your personality or makes the right statement, selecting a motorcycle should ideally be based on many other practical reasons.

Since purchasing a motorbike is a pretty long term commitment, your selection process could take the following things into consideration:


Acknowledge the true reasons

Understand that owning and riding a motorbike is a major responsibility that goes beyond crazy riding and impressing others. If you’re in it just for the thrill, either you should reconsider purchasing or then opt for a cheaper or lesser maintenance vehicle. Confer with other motorcyclists and get to know the pros and cons of owning and taking care of a motorbike. Pursue it as an interest to know whether it is a passing fad or a serious connection. Read up, research, and get to know more about motorcycles if you haven’t already. This will also help you choose whether you should take on the whole deal of buying a motorcycle or then whether it should be a first or second hand vehicle.


Budget it

Purchasing a motorcycle is not a one time payment deal. You will need to take into account aspects such as insurance, registration, maintenance and fuel costs. Also get your tax papers sorted. It’ll place you in a more eligible position to receive bank a loan if you need one.


The right kind and size

Now, here’s the fun part! Your choice of motorbike type largely depends on whether you wish to choose to cruise, undertake long distance touring, off road, engage in sport or chill at a recreational pace. The vehicle’s size, height, and weight are some important specifications you must try before finalising. If you opt for long distance rides, choose one with luggage space and wind protection. Relaxed cruisers (aptly named) with low frames and low seats are wrong for racing or delicate manoeuvring. Enduros and dirt bikes on the other hand can be used for on-road and off road purposes.


First or second hand?

If you are a first time rider, go for a used, low mileage bike. Why? We hear you ask.. Well, let see… Reasons include the easy selling option, lessened losses in re-sell, and minimised guilt in case of bumps, dents or low impact crashes. Also, if you are good with mechanics and do not mind getting down to repair your bike, you could buy a pre owned machine to save some cash and have some mechanical fun with it! To buy a second hand motorcycle, ask enough questions to the previous owner about mileage and maintenance logs. Take a test ride and make sure the model, vehicle year and the VIN are correct. Ensure a clear title. Check for oil or coolant leaks, scratches, corrosion, damage or mismatched paint to know if the bike has had too many crashes. Check for proper functioning of clutch, brakes, throttle and electrical equipment.

If it’s your second, third or more motorcycle, then by all means, don’t be shy to try out the latest impressive model in the market!


Point of purchase

If it’s your first motorcycle, we suggest visiting the showroom or the owner’s place. It’s always better to check out your first purchase with ultimate scrutiny. Don’t worry if you seem too detailed in your investigations especially with a second hand vehicle. The other option is to browse through motorbike or online shopping portals. The classifieds or Yellow Pages can also provide some good leads.

That’s about all for now about how to go about buying a motorcycle. Watch this space for more on best ways to hire, exchange or even upgrade your existing vehicle.

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