Before You Go On a Long Distance Trip, Things You Must Consider

So who’s pumped up for a far distanced motorbiking get-away that’s going to make you forget every problem in the world…? A change of environment, temperature, terrain and even language is the recommended fix for that restlessness that stirs within you. You, Your Machine and Exploration….That’s Life!

If you’ve been taking long biking trips for some time now, we guess you may not need our advice. But for those new and raring to go, please stop a while and check if it’s all there. Actually it wouldn’t hurt the seasoned ones to scan through this checklist either… You may find something you’ve been missing all your life!

Pre-trip checks

Before you head out, ensure your motorcycle has been through a complete mechanical check-up. Don’t leave this task till the last minute. Get it done a day or two in advance in case some part needs replacing or fixing. You wouldn’t want to get delayed on the day you’re leaving… Remember, you may be riding on unknown roads and terrains. Don’t take chances.

Luggage racks can be very helpful

Some folks find it uncomfortable to ride around with attached racks for extra luggage while those who travel distances swear by them. We do too… Even out the stacking of bags on either side of your motorbike so that you’re not fighting to balance your stuff.

Create your own personal checklist for your luggage. Pack compact and pack well. Carry as much as you can without getting carried away. Certain basic products are found everywhere but if you have certain kinds or brands that you can’t do without, we suggest you carry them along. Leave extra space in your bags to be able to accommodate purchases made on the way.

Watch what you eat!

Yes, your diet does matter!

Basically, avoid overeating while on the road. It can make you feel drowsy and that’s downright dangerous. You can eat plentiful just before you take a nap or retire for the night. But filling up prior to jumping on your motorbike can be bad news. If you fear hunger along the way, pack light snacks so that you can munch as you halt under a picturesque tree or waterfall…

Carry those binoculars

Two advantages to keep a pair of binoculars handy: 1) You can view your beautiful surroundings and not miss out on special sights. 2) You can detect upcoming dangers or signs of wildlife; roadblocks, forest fires, signboards etc. Both are equally important.

Don’t forget to capture

Though the high points of your adventure will be etched in your mind forever, it’s sometimes nice to flip through photographs to relive memories. So, carry along a good camera and be sensible when clicking shots… Stop when you feel like, take out your camera and capture the beauty to hold eternally.

Keep adequate cash handy

·     Enough hard moolah of the local currency can save you the trouble of looking for an ATM in remote locations. Some of the most quaint (and beautiful, mind you!) destinations either are unaware of or do not accept credit or debit cards. Gauge how much you need and where the next outlet of your bank is. Withdraw only that much to avoid paranoid episodes of “Where the hell did I keep it?! IT WAS RIGHT HERE!!!”

Apart from which, here are a few common sense aspects that you must pay attention to for a long distance journey:

Physical endurance

Many motorcycle riders don’t realise the importance of being physically fit. The more stamina you have, the further and better you can ride. So try not to get up off your couch and head out on an ambitious motorcycle trip. Prepare beforehand by doing some cardio and getting that blood pumping. This will decrease tiredness, avoid cramping and ensure you’re in a good mood through the ride. It can also improve your control over the vehicle and overall riding skills.

Be prepared for emergencies

Be prepared for anything, that’s what we say… Breakdowns, (god forbid!) accidents, bad weather, roadblocks, getting lost, you get the picture! The best way to deal with these is to pre-empt and know what to expect. Firstly, never set out alone (or with friends) on a vehicle to an unknown place without being aware of how your bike works and its individual parts. Secondly, carry safety gear and medical kits. Thirdly, though you may want to take off and detach and maintain no communication with the world, there are times when a mobile phone is like a Godsend. Keep one on you. ALWAYS. Also keep it charged…

Respect road rules

Whether you’re riding in your own country or another’s, always follow the rules. Being daring and dangerous is one thing, but being stupid and incorrect is another!

Be monetarily assured

When revved up and travelling to faraway locations on your motorbike, the last thing you need are money troubles. It can be stressing and dangerous to be stranded in another location with no cash. Budget your trip well and take it only when you have enough to spend. Amazing spontaneous getaways only happen in the movies!

So GoBikerz, that’s our checklist. Please do share yours with us if you feel we may have missed out on some essentials. And for those who are planning to head out on a long distance ride soon, we wish you happy faraway trails!

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