A Getting Started Guide to Motorcycle Camping

Put two greats together and what do you get –  An ‘Even Better’! Motorcycling and camping have emerged as the preferred way to globe trot in the 21 st Century and with good reasons too. For starters, one can look forward to a comfortable night’s sleep after a long riding stint. Plus camping is a more economical option to hotels and motels with the added freedom of having your own space. So what do you need before you start on your journey?

You will need to decide

Decide whether you seriously plan to spend your nights in a hotel or if camping is your preferred thing. If camping it is, then get ready to carry along all the required stuff. Attach carriers and hooks on your motor bike to make it easier and ensure no loose strings or straps are jutting out once loaded. Camping will offer you the luxury of spending the night under the stars – an irreplaceable advantage. The trick nonetheless is to travel as light as possible.

Which sleeping bag and mattress should you carry?

Luckily innovation has seeped into every aspect of our lives including mats and sleeping bags! There’s a wide selection of mats available in the market today with 3 inches of loft that are deceivingly compact to carry. Plus when in use, you won’t feel your hip touching the ground like it used to with the older variety. If you are unaware, let us tell you that even if you plan to rough it out in 0 degrees temperature, there’s a mat that’s made for you! Likewise, advanced sleeping bags are space saving but warm as can be. It is also much more hygienic to sleep in your own bag rather than in a motel by the highway, no matter what the old country songs tell you…

Why should you pick up a tent?

The newer lot of tent designs don’t require professional camping talents to set up. The considerate people who make camping gear have kept in mind that most campers will most probably be completely deadbeat at the end of their adventurous days. And the last thing you need at the end of a riding day is figuring out how to prop up the bars at exactly the right angle and not get caught up in a big frustrating mess. Also, today good quality tents will keep unwanted moisture out and your other gear dry so are handy to carry along.

How much should you pack?

It is very important to not only pack light but also pack right ensuring you don’t overpack. For multi-day touring (2 days and more), you should try to wrap up all your gear into 100 liters of storage if riding alone or 150 liters if riding two up.

You can’t stand cold weather… now what?

As long as your gear is good, you can beat any cold weather that Mother Nature sends your way.  The most important rule is to avoid cotton clothing as modern day polyester  is better suited to regulate your body temperature.

You like to keep your gear close to you

Most modern day tents contain vestibules that allow you to store all your gear while protecting it from the environment. In case you have installed hard bags on your bike which you cannot remove, you can fill all your stuff in dry bags or sacks which can be placed inside the hard containers..

Is it going to cost you a lot of money?

Don’t view camping gear purchases as a cost but rather as an investment. Preferable to hotel and motel charges is a good quality camping set. You can book a tent space at a quarter of the cost of a hotel room and invest that saving in

something more fun for you. Well, what are you waiting for, GoBikerz? Start packing your gear and get ready for that motorbike camping trip. Be sure to tell us about it, though!


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