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As a motorcycle owner, tell us your worst nightmare ever? How about waking up to vehicle theft… that too, yours! Now we know motorcycle crime cases have been seeing a positive decline since 2013 in Singapore. But don’t you agree to the fact that a bike lover would never leave his/her motorcycle all alone with no protection, even if there are remote chances of it getting stolen or damaged?

Motorcycles are easily stolen or vandalized. They need our attention even when we’re not around. And this was why reliable heavy duty disc locks were invented.

Choosing the right disk lock

Selecting the correct disc lock for your motorbike depends on its features and functionality. Here are the main features and what to look out for:

Motion Sensors:

  • Simple, battery powered detectors that pick up disturbances in the area.
  • Affordable and audible, effective in closed areas like garages and sheds.
  • Shock & motion sensors trigger a rather piercing anti-theft warning alarm!
  • Some self-arming ones reset to armed mode within a few seconds.


  • A 110-decibel alarm system that’s fitted inside the lock.
  • Well integrated and arms within 0 to 5 seconds after the key is turned.
  • Highly effective 100 decibel siren alert on movement or theft
  • 2 specially designed, durable security keys
  • Alarm senses when the lock attached to the brake is tampered with, sets off a beep when armed

Locking System:

  • Disc locks with double-locking system, body and locking pin acts as one piece of metal, making it extremely difficult to tamper with. These locks can withstand wedging, hammering and other sorts of attacks.
  • Push-down alarmed disc-locks which work with a simple push and click. The spring-loaded locking pins pop out once unlocked.


  • Ensure that the material is 100% stainless steel as it is the most difficult to break.
  • Also make sure it is ice spray resistant as many thieves use this spray to make the locks useless.


  • Choose a disc lock that warns you when you forget to remove the disc lock. This will prevent you from wasting money on new locks!
  • There are disc locks that beep multiple times as a continual reminder if that’s what you need!

Safeguarding tips to follow to secure your motorbike

  • Try not to park your motorcycle in an isolated area. If possible, try to park amidst other vehicles.
  • If you are securing your motorcycle at home; do not park and lock in the same place. This gives potential thieves an easy way to note the lock configuration and the like.
  • Make sure to secure removable components like jackets, helmets, and so on.
  • When you lock your motorcycle to a structure, make sure it is not weak like a wood post
  • A combination of alarm and disc lock is ideal
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