How to Fly with Motorcycle Gear

You tell us a better way to get-away and we’ll tell you a great story!

Seriously, what’s better than a spontaneous motorbike escapade to a far off destination? Away from the hustle bustle of city life, miles from bosses, chores and the daily grind? But often in our excitement to get out there, we tend to neglect important gear necessities which, let us remind you, have not been invented only to keep up the biker image, but to save lives and body parts. But these do tend to become a burden of sorts, when that far off destination involves a plane trip…

Though you may be aware of the benefits of specialized motorcycle gear, you may not entirely be sure of how to pack it all for a plane journey along with your other stuff.

So here we are to present perfect travel carry-along tips and easy plane transportation. Mainly because when you are on your distant adventure ride, the last thing you need are regretful thoughts of “Oh, I wish I would have carried my…..”

Anyways, on with the tips…


Go for a gear carry-on over check-in luggage

There are of course, two major advantages of carrying your gear as hand luggage. Baggage fee isn’t too much of a hassle and you are not wasting time at baggage claim, while fantasizing about gorgeous motorbike trails! Carry a saddle bag; lone that’s easy to carry and strap on to the back of your bike. Load it all up and set out. Remember to compress the contents so you don’t bust the zipper. Yes, that happens often and we do need to mention it here.


Don’t forget the head gear

Bag your sturdy helmet and place it in the overhead stowage as it won’t fit under the seat. You will mostly be allowed to carry it as a hand luggage under the personal items category. For those who wish to stay connected with their world back home, try the Bluetooth’ed helmet.


Choose the right season jacket

You jacket should essentially be designed for the weather you are headed to rather than where you’re coming from. There are those clever varieties that can adapt so some jackets can actually cater to more than one type of climatic condition. A summer mesh jacket will give it greater breathing ability. You want that in any weather that’s on the warmer side, believe us. The mesh panels allow smooth airflow and keep you feeling comfortable and looking good. There’s no use looking good and feeling miserable.

The air drift jackets with titanium external shoulder armor offer extra protection if that’s what you need. Water proof insulated jackets with detachable thermal body warmer give you versatility and convenience. But our most important advice is “Wear the jacket on the plane”. It’ll save you the trouble of packing and carrying it. But yeah…remember to take off the back protector while flying!


Small but easily forgotten motorcycle goggles!

We like the intelligence behind photochromic motorcycle goggles that tint during the day and clear at night. Motorcycle sunnies are not only for the effect, they protect the eyes and block the wind and dust. Select a good pair, and keep them handy, either in a side pocket of your carry-on, or on your head.


Those special motorcycle denims

If you’re not too keen on the one piece riding suit, we don’t blame you. Honestly speaking, we sometimes feel it can limit the riding experience. So instead, get your jeans padded at the knees and wherever else you fancy. These can be worn while traveling too. Special biking jeans are available with zipped pockets on the knees so you can adjust the pads as per your preference. Cool, right?

So those are our easy fly with motorcycle gear tips. GoBikerz. But do fill us in on any other ideas which we are sure you must have!

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