Fly and ride

Riding through remote areas in assorted continents has its own thrill of discovery.

Unfamiliar paths lead to exciting new possibilities and more enriching experiences. The concept of Fly and Ride trips is catching on fast as motorcyclists dare to take on the challenges of varying territory in other parts of the world. It’s simple. You take a flight, hire a motorbike and ride…

Wherever you are located in the world, there’s always a more beautiful, more exciting road on the other side of it. But while you’re booking flight tickets, here are few tips for the globetrotting motorcyclist:

Secure and Book your Motorcycle

Identify a good motorcycle hiring agency in the location to where you’re headed. Find out which models are available, if they suit your tastes and preferences. Check for insurance, the complete expenditure involved and any other localised tips that the agency can help you with it. Laws regarding helmet, gear, closed roadways etc are handy to know in advance.

Choosing the Right Motorcycle

If the distance you plan to ride the motorcycle is more than 100 kilometres, book a comfortable ride. Cruisers like the BMW K 1600 GTL, BMW R 1200 GS or the Harley Davidson Electra Glide Ultra Limited are not only comfortable but also speedy so you can cover long distances in ease and in good time.

Enquire about Policies and Documents

Ask your motorbike hiring agency about insurance policies, surcharges, pick up and drop off timings, theft or damage waivers, maintenance responsibilities, documents and licenses required, cancellation policies, and replacement clauses. You don’t want to travelling half way round the world and not have your trip go the way you want due to one missing piece of paper.

Packing for your Vacation

For a convenient, easily accessible packing style try sealed plastic bags that can be used sort out each day’s items into different compartments. You can even assign dirty ones and clean ones to different bags . Getting organised in this way will save you space and time on the road. The idea is to carry as little luggage as possible. Your riding gear coupled with  whatever you’re planning to wear when you’re not riding. For carrying luggage on your rented motorbike, carry along cords or a net for easy attachment.

A packing trick for overseas trips

If you don’t want to be carting around a whole lot of luggage, especially if you’re travelling to cold climates, here’s something you can do… Pack half your stuff and carry along with you and the other half you can ship to the hotel you will be headed to. This needs perfect timing and a reliable carrier company. You may also need to send back a lot when done so plan this well.

If you’ve already decided on your destination, you can begin enquiring about motorcycle hiring agencies and start selecting your ride. That can be fun too, mind you, but nothing like riding it!

Happy Globe Riding!
And do send us more tips from your personal experiences and most eventful Fly and Ride tours.

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