Five new motorcycles in the classic 70’s style

So, here’s an interesting trend… the revved up days of tough hardy men with their flamboyant motorcycles and flannel shirts are making somewhat of a comeback. How? Via top manufacturers investing in a range of 70’s style motorcycles that ushered in that bike crazy era. That’s how!

We feel this could be a sign. A reminder for all you motorcycle enthusiasts to slip on those boots and kick to life a machine that charges your senses. To make you feel like a part of the exciting era that you may have missed…

Hence, to update you on the latest, here are 5 new motorcycle models inspired by the 70’s style. Take your pick!

  • The Harley Davidson Street 750


Some say the new Harley looks a lot like the company’s old Café Racer model from the 70’s. The company spokesperson has gone as far as saying it actually represents the 80’s FXR movement that . Harley die-hards don’t seem to identify with the subdued noise levels of the Davidson Street but new fans favour its handling and modern looks.

  • The BMW R nineT



Luxury free and bereft of BMW’s cushy features, this 2 cylinder entrant is a good buy for city traffic roads, in spite of its wide handlebars. It has great handle-ability and looks classic while being cool. High speeds can trigger few moments of that feeling… You know the kind where the motorcycle seems to develop a will of its own and tries to escape from under you? But overall it’s an enjoyable cruise.

  • The Star Motorcycles Bolt


Sounds like an action hero but is actually a 942 cc who’s bark is said to be meaner than its bite. Bolt has been name called as a Harley Davidson Sportster copy cat but we think its a bit more than that. Its mighty look, stylish exhaust pipe, interesting gas tank, and rustic charm makes the Bolt hard not to like. 

  • The Ducati Scrambler


The Scrambler looks like an off-roader but feels like a sports motorcycle. Its 2 cylinder, 75 hp engine exudes power, coupled with the feeling of being one with the motorcycle’s inner workings. You’ll know what we mean once you test ride one. Tall suspension, good posture and high handling, this Ducati though cheaper than its sibling models, looks like the old 70’s Scrambler but there ain’t a lot that’s old about it.

  • The Honda CB1100


This one gets the ‘Head to Toe’ classic award. Though the appearance of other motorcycles may be inspired by older bikes, this Honda is even made in the image of a 70’s machine. Dual spring rear suspension, air cooled engine, and the classic 4 into 2 exhaust pipes sure do take us back. Riding one is a pleasure at high or low speeds.

Now that you know, why not head to your local dealerships to test ride this burly range? And don’t forget to share your reviews with us for the GoBikerz gang.
Happy Test Riding!

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