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Men’s fascination with machines is age-old; electric motorcycles are one of those revolutionizing and futuristic machines that continue to capture our imagination. Even though the earliest references to electric motorcycles were found in the mid-nineteenth century, yet they are considered one of the most recent and trendiest innovations in the history of motorcycle industry.


Already other South-East Asian countries like Thailand and Indonesia are home to some of the most passionate and proud owners of motorcycles. There is a sizable presence of motorcycles

in these countries as a common mode of transport. Singapore holds out the potentiality of becoming another hub for electric motorcycles in the foreseeable future. But there’s one condition: first it needs to remove few existing hurdles in the infrastructures for the condos-dwelling population like battery charging points, etc. It may be mentioned that scooters are already faring well in Singapore.


High on torque, electric motorcycles make a convenient choice for riders who make occasional trips and daily commutes to fixed distances. Easy plug-in and fast battery charging as well as battery swapping facility are other plus points of these vehicles.


The good news now for the more experimental consumers in Asia is that leading motorcycle manufacturers like Yamaha have already developed hybrid motorcycles, a combination of electric power and internal combustion.


Why Electric Motorcycles

When it comes to comfort, performance and strength, electric bikes are second to none. Powered by rechargeable batteries, either lithium ion or nickel-based, they are out and out environment-friendly. They demand the least imaginable maintenance requirements from owners as well. With remarkable acceleration, agility and dexterity, these superbikes never leave a single doubt on the minds of bike users regarding the question of their roadworthiness and safety.


In addition to this, electric motorcycles are sneaky quiet, far more so than their conventional gas-driven counterparts. They have been custom-made for both transport and adventure, and come in distinctive styles. Beautiful and reliable frames only add to the list of matchless qualities of an electric motorbike.


Most of them possess fully adjustable steering angle, suspension, foot pegs and trail. Generally, they are light-weight mopeds, averaging between 110 kg and 130 kg only. Models such as Yamaha PES2/PED2, Zero SR, Zero FX/FXS, Zero S, Zero DS ZF6.5, OSET 16.0, OSET 20.0 Eco, and Alta Motors Redshift MX/SM, which have recently witnessed record-breaking pre-orders as well as sales across the world, are worth mentioning here.


What Industry Analysts Say

Latest reports from several global research and consulting firms in the clean technology markets paint a promising picture of electric motorcycles. One such report recently emerged from the US-based Navigant Research, which forecasted that the market for battery powered or electric powered two wheelers is on an unprecedented upsurge. It has projected that not less than 55 million electric motorbikes and mopeds will be sold by the year 2024. Other market research firms echo the same view.


These industry analysts are of the opinion that this development or more specifically the seismic shift to electric-powered two wheelers (ePTWs) is an accurate indication of a growing preference on the part of consumers for a cleaner and more efficient alternative to fuel-based motorcycles. It comes at a time when the fuel price is already skyrocketing rapidly and hard-pressed people are looking for a longer-term solution.


To sum it up, different studies carried out over the years are unanimous in their conclusion that if a country is able to switch at least 25% of its road traffic to bikes, it can easily reduce present day congestion. This should also be seen in the context that fuel prices will continue to rise unchecked in the coming years. Electric motorcycles rank high on the user-friendliness, cost and maintenance scale. Whether you are in a courier service or simply a housewife, a student or office-goer, electric motorcycles are suitable for both genders and people of different age groups. It’s time motorcycle enthusiasts shift gears to good biking. Think about it.

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