Is the Defunct Skully HUD Helmet Company Rising Up from the Ashes?

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What was said to be a paradigm-shifting helmet technology, Skully came crashing to the ground in July 2016 after the management became incompetent to keep the fundings afloat. Valued partners, vendors, employees and customers were left hanging dry with the company filing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy case.

After more than a year now, there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel for the helmet company. From where Skully, Inc. left off, a new company called the ’Skully Technologies’ are taking over the mantle straight from the dead and are reviving the technology and the AR-1 helmet to be called as ’The Skully Felix’.

With cutting-edge features like the Heads-up-display, DOT/ECE certification, GPS navigation, rearview camera, Bluetooth, hands-free calling and music, the AR-1 helmet was going to be a game-changing piece of equipment that would have made riding an all-new experience.

But for reasons beyond our imagination and comprehension, the company failed miserably even after investors and would-be customers collectively dumped roughly $15 million into the project. Some blame the then owners, Marcus Weller and Mitchell Weller, of wrongful spending of these funds into buying exotic cars and travel around the world.


Nonetheless, the company is now in new hands and looks promising enough to revive the helmet project. New owners, Ivan and Rafael Contreras, are the same guys who head a Spanish firm ’Tarrot’ that had recently also revived another two-wheeled brand: Gas Gas.

Relocated to the new headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, Skully Technologies has assembled a new leadership team and plans to correct the wrongs of its predecessor. They have pledged to be “Determined to make it right”, which is also the theme of the brand’s new website.


According to the email blast to its “SKULLY Nation”, Skully Technologies have taken the step to fulfill requisites of those who have backed the Skully’s Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. For starters, all those who had been promised an AR-1 helmet will be substituted with another new Skully Fenix helmet.
Through a “Make it right” registration on the website, anyone who had made any contribution ranging from US $49 to US $24,979 to Skully previously will get their due products on a first-come-first-served basis.

Although we have no information on how the new Felix helmet model will defer from the original prototype AR-1, be sure that it will come with all the gizmos one had hoped for to be the archetype of helmets.

That is not all. Skully Inc. was also engaged in augmented reality, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence technologies along with the wearable products industry. Skully Technologies will hinder to all of these hot tech sectors leading the future of smart mobility.

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