How to Choose the Right Motorcycle Tyre

Four wheels move the body while two wheels move the soul!

Whether you are a dirt enthusiast living for a single track or an occasional motorbike rider, you have got to develop an eye for picking the right kind of tire.

So, here’s a low down on making the correct tire choices:


Tread carefully

To begin with, you really wanna know tire parts. A tire is basically made up of four main parts. Yes, 4!… The carcass, the sidewall, the bead and the tread. Each has a part to play: the carcass is the body of the tire under the tread. Sidewall is where the tread marries the bead. Bead, of course, is the snug fit to the wheel that doesn’t let it slip rotationally in the tire. The tread is the part that takes all the beating. It’s the trusted, responsible guy that comes into contact with the road and weathers the storm for you. Which is why here’s a word of caution: not checking tread health from time to time could lead to early wearing out of the tire causing you some stress and even danger.


Go for a tire that takes you places you wish to go

Sport tires give you a good grip but they might shorten the tread life. Adventure bike tire specifications are a different ball game. You could pick up a pair for maximum street use and minimum for off road use or a fifty–fifty combination of both. It’s really up to you. Tires for touring bikes should be ones that can give you high mileage. Whatever your need, choose accordingly.


It’s only human to err.. By why should you in the first place?!

Safety has to be top of mind if you don’t wish to knock on heaven’s (or hell’s) doors sooner than your time. Do you tend to ignore all valuable advice related to quality evaluation? Don’t do that! Instead only go for those tires that are constructed by OEMs (original equipment manufacturers).


Mix your tires if you must

Radial tires have longer life owing to low temperature retention capability. Stiffer construction, lesser flex due to lower sidewalls aspect ratio and the ability to handle more bike weight makes Bias ply tires a delight for most of the touring bikes including your favourite Harley.


There are somethings you just can’t get away with

It’s really simple, yet a lot of riders tend to make this mistake. So, here we are trying to explain it as easily as we understand it. The bead set designs for tube and tubeless tires are uniquely different from one another. Mismatch in tires can confuse the beads and they may not lock when needed. Worse, speed rating stops making any sense as the extra tube layer heats the tire to crazy levels. So, don’t mess around! Follow the code – tube to tube, tubeless to tubeless and you’re set to go!


Motorbike tire enthusiasts out there, please do share additional tire insights with the growing GoBikerz community! We’d love to hear from you… For additional information on motorcycle tires, please click here.

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