How to Choose the Right Gloves for Riding

Get a grip on… your Grip!

Your hands are among your first contact points with your bike. And once on it, every rev up and slow down will be through those able paws. So, keep ‘em protected with sturdy gloves and minimize the risk of palm-heel abrasions or wrist injury.

Now, how on earth are you supposed to know which gloves are best suited in that ocean of choices around you?

It’s always a good idea to try on as many as you can before you land a pair that fits you the best. If you’re lucky, you may get the right one in the second go. But don’t deny yourself. There are a host of brands, materials, designs and fits that motorcycle gloves are available in. So go ahead, browse….

We think instead of being fancy free while picking up gloves, a deeper look will help:


Check out the material

There are gloves made with cowhide which of course makes them strong so that the impact of abrasions is minimal but at the same time they can be a bit too rigid thus creating discomfort. Try going for Kangaroo skin gloves if you want a lighter feel with good protection too. Better still, try a combination of two! With cowhide on top and kangaroo skin on the palms! For the vegan rider or course there are alternate leather varieties, In fact one for every season.


Don’t forget the insulation

Did you end up buying winter gloves for summer? Well, oops! Choose gloves with mesh, vents and special textiles for more ventilation for warmer weather. When adventure biking during winter make sure the gloves are wind and waterproof enough to protect your fingers from frostbite. And ensure plenty cushioning between the palm and the handlebars.


Bike type = Glove type

If you go by the thumb rule and match the glove type with the kind of bike you prefer , you’ll be thanking yourself for it. On a sports bike where most of your body weight is on your hands, you really wanna have those pre-curved gloves on. They give you good and sturdy support. On a cruiser bike you could take it a bit easy just pick up any comfortable set of gloves with a decent overall protection performance.


The life of a glove

Yes, even gloves have a life span. The only difference is that in their case, you decide how long they live. Honestly, the kinder and gentler you are at handling them, the longer they will last. Kinda like people actually! The palm and the clutch fingers get worn out way faster than the rest, mind you. Oh and you should know that there are people who make their prized gloves last forever despite biking all their life. We sure need to hear their tips!


Pick up the branded kind

There are many, but one major advantage of going for gloves made by a well known company is that it rarely messes up on quality. They may seem a bit dear but branded gloves will definitely last you longer than unbranded options. That’s been our experience.

So, get those gloves on and head out well protected and secure. And of course, if there are any other personal glove tips that you would like to share with other GoBikerz, please feel free to do so via our forum!

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