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About Us

Our Story

Motorcycling is the embodiment of individuality. No two rides, riders or even motorbikes for that matter are the same. Some of us embrace this expression while others shy into their comfort zones

Like all worthy pursuits, riding a big motorcycle was the childhood fantasy.  But inspiration only struck in the form of a scale model motorbike that at that age was enough to tempt me into surrender. Its vivid perfection scorched an image in the smack centre of my mind! I couldn’t ignore it, I had to act upon it. So i signed up for motorcycle riding lessons. That was in the year 2000.

Today, I own a BMW, a possession that feels like the completion of a full circle, the beautiful manifestation of a childhood dream.

My wife and I share the passion for motorcycles and with the desire to share our enthusiasm for these special machines, irrespective of shape, brand, model, colour or size, we have launched this website.

Nobody knows everything and such is the complex nature of the gyroscopic laws governing our spinning wheels. And we too are learning all along the way. Hence, we hope to make OUR forum YOUR habit to share personally acquired wisdom to benefit the next novice rider coming of age and getting licensed. In fact, our ambition is to build an online motorcycle community filled to the brim with newsworthy, fun filled and expertise driven stories and articles that cater to the entire range of motorbike enthusiasts - from Novices to Professionals.

Your ‘go to’ website for everything about motorbikes will feature safe riding ideas, tips on planning your next road trip, the place to purchase your next motorcycle or dream bike, where to get your hands on some riding gear or motorcycle accessories. And that’s just the beginning...

While we live out our dreams, the less fortunate are never far from our minds. Everyone deserves a chance to fulfill their ambitions through education and employment opportunities.  With the help of this website, we will strive to provide those opportunities for financially challenged budding talent. Show them true‘happyness’ by improving their lifestyles and contributing to the well being of their families.

We shall reach out and make others happy wherever and however possible. We create smiles, lift burdens and fill voids with joy. We wish to build bridges and break down walls.

On our road journeys to various countries and destinations, let's respect, share and care.

I sincerely welcome you to share your photographs, videos, stories and knowledge with our motorcycle community. If there is a person or community in need of help, please let us know. We will work together to make a difference in those lives……maybe make someone’s day by gifting them the best present ever - a motorcycle!

I wish you a pleasant, safe and fun filled ride. Happy riding.


Gobikerz – Mission

Making a positive difference in people’s lives via the avenue of Motorcycles and everything about them.


Our Vision

Our focus is to provide an avenue that fosters safe motorcycling for everyone, of all ages and riding aspirations. Our member experiences span more a than few decades of biking.

To be the hub where you come, discuss not just your new and old bikes and gear, but places to travel, to breathe, to taste, and corporeal matters like local mechanics, workshops and spare part vendors.

Most importantly, we aim at eradicating the fear while embedding caution into every motorbike rider by practising safe and defensive riding for an enjoyable, long term motorcycle experience.