Brembo Brakes & How They Work

The Story So Far

Brembo had a humble beginning like most thriving global business leaders today. From a small mechanical workshop in Bergamo, Italy in 1961 to now a market front-runner in engineering braking systems for motorcycles, cars, and racing and commercial vehicles of high performance nature, it has come a long way indeed. At present, it is also the undisputed manufacturer of brake discs, brake lines, replacement or spare parts, calipers, rotors, hydraulics and other aftermarket components. When it comes to quality, reliability and safety of automotive brake systems, Brembo spares no room for compromise.


All You Want to Know About Brembo Brakes

With the understanding that Brembo is a certified specialist in braking systems for a variety of vehicles, let’s take a look at the mechanism of some of its leading brakes.


Carbon Ceramic Braking Systems

A result of joint venture between Brembo and SGL Group, carbon ceramic brakes made out of carbon ceramic materials (CCMs) say a lot about flawless automotive parts engineering. Originally fitted out on aircrafts and sports vehicles in the 1970s and 1980s, carbon ceramic brakes give consistent performance, both in dry and wet weather conditions. They are resistant to corrosion, are known to produce negligible brake dust, and come with a guarantee of a longer lifespan. These brake pads offer minimal braking distances irrespective of the condition of roads.


Co-Cast Brake Disc

Built with sophistication using two materials – aluminum and cast iron, co-cast brake discs from Brembo have been integrated the innovative concept of floating disc. The irresistible advantages of these discs include lightweight (they are 15% to 20% lighter than conventional brake discs), heat-resistance, less corrosion, less wear and tear, exceptional performance and comfortable driving experience. These brake discs have been optimized for better response in both commercial and sports vehicles.


Parking or Hand Brakes

Brembo’s parking brakes supply a mechanical brake system for parked or stationary vehicles. They are used either in combination with a caliper or in isolation with DIH. They are not only simple but also exceedingly safe to use, and thus form an integral part of several individual as well as commercial vehicles. As an alternative emergency braking system, these parking brakes are a reliable arrangement. For instance, in ATVs and snowmobiles operating in extreme terrain and temperature conditions, Brembo brings specially-sculptured parking brakes that are sturdy, durable, and high on comfort level. Brembo has an electronic version of the parking brakes as well operable with a dashboard or steering wheel-mounted switch.


Gran Turismo Brake System

This braking package from Brembo is race-inspired and crafted to give ultra-high performance. According to Brembo, “GT Braking System marks the most advanced expression of all Brembo's experience in braking system design.” It has been custom-designed for high-demand performance in vehicles. Originally, GT brake packages were developed solely as a replacement to the front brakes of a vehicle; however there came to be rear brake systems as well for selected applications. Its enormous 4-piston aluminum calipers, corrosion-proof brake discs, and drilled vented rotors of large diameter enable superior performance, and are suitable for both on and off-track vehicles.


Brembo Brakes: How You Maintain Them & Ensure They Are Still Roadworthy

As one of the most active parts of a vehicle, brakes need periodic maintenance and, if necessary, replacement. Brembo brakes are no different. Regular and proper maintenance of these brakes ensure that they remain in good working condition and live their entire lifespan without any mishap.


Particularly components like brake pads and brake discs require utmost care since it’s where most of the frictions occur. Vehicle users need to remain alert to warning signs like unusual noise during braking, overheating, vibrations as well as wear indicator and minimum thickness of brake bands. Also equally important to inspect are the brake lines, master cylinders, rotors and calipers as they work in tandem to bring a vehicle to halt.


In addition, since braking systems operate on the principle of hydraulics, attention to the brake fluid is crucial. The level and quality of this fluid indicates the extent of wear of brake pads and discs. Accordingly you may retain or change the brake fluid.


As long as you stick to the manufacturer-recommended maintenance schedule of these brake components, they’ll enjoy better health and lifespan and face lesser need for frequent replacement. At the end of the day, a healthy braking system plays a big role in the overall roadworthiness of a vehicle since it closely relates to the question of safety as well.


It helps to be mindful that your brake is still maintaining the right stopping distance. Look for signs of worn out or eroding brake pads or rotors through manual inspection. Ensure that both the front and rear disc pads are in good condition. These maintenance measures and roadworthiness check will only assist in making Brembo brakes more convenient and reliable than they already are.


With over 1,000 products in the market worldwide currently, Brembo promises and delivers improved braking systems to the doorsteps of its customers. Thousands of personal, commercial and racing vehicles are equipped with its standard braking products. Brembo’s undivided attention to details and state-of- the-art technology that it brings to the business of manufacturing brakes make it a top player in the field of designing and developing brakes and other accessories. Its simple but effective technology has been delivering record-breaking performances for decades.

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