Camping Advice for Women Motorcycle Travellers

Women can be just as passionate about motorcycling as the average biker guy. In fact the combination of traveling and motorcycle riding is one that many adventurous at heart just cannot resist. However when combining riding and camping, a primary concern for a woman can revolve around how and what to pack! Fact is that you will need to lug all of it around with you including camping gear, personal belongings, and motorcycle safety gear. There do exist some womenfolk who don’t feel the need to be prepared for every single eventuality in the universe and are okay with carrying the bare essentials. But this piece is more for the newbie or then the paranoid lady who is highly likely to spend most of her riding time wondering what she left behind. So here is a 10 step packing list for all women motorcycle travellers, especially those who wanna camp:

1) Name every small to big item in your luggage. Not just that, add your phone number, email id, where you’ve started from and where you’re headed to. Just in case…

2) We’re adding this one, though we know you aren’t silly enough to carry jewellery, electronics or other valuable items when on a rustic trip. So, try and avoid your expensive items.

3) Basic first aid, treatment for yeast infections, bug bites or allergies and a few basic medicines should do you good. Leave behind the hypochondriac in you along with the mini clinic you usually pack!

4) Budget your packing space as remember less is better. Shortlist items that can fit into you jacket and jeans to save space. Compact versions of articles never fail to disappoint a traveling biker. If there are two travelers, both can share the load equally.

5) Here are a few interesting articles to pack that you can choose from – camper’s towel, a sarong, multifunctional headband, hiking pants, 4-5 t-shirts, a long-sleeved button down shirt for over two week long trips, disposable underwear or panty liners, sports bra – dark colors, a sweat shirt, thin socks, feminine hygiene products, comfortable sandals, motorcycle boots, a rain jacket or your weather-proof motorcycle jacket.

6) Pick your camping tent wisely. If it’s just you, take a tent for two so you can store your motorcycle jacket. If you are two, then take a tent for three with a large vestibule so you have plenty of room and enough space to store used boots and the like.

7) A highly durable mattress or a therma-rest that keeps you off the cold hard ground. A superior quality inflatable neck pillow. You can even bundle up your clothes into a pillow shaped roll. Works just as well.

8) Eyewear for a day time power nap. You never know when you may need one.

9) Essential toiletries like toothpaste, a toothbrush, toilet paper, body soap, shampoo, conditioner, laundry detergent (small pack), lip balm, deodorant, and of course, a zip up bag to put it all in.

10) Some other handy items could be – A Swiss army knife, head lamp, camera, writing pens and a journal, clear plastic bags, a cell phone, binoculars and well, anything else you’d like to add that makes you feel safer. So here you go ladies! Limit your load and set free on your desired trails. Do get back to us with your experiences though. Happy Riding, you happy campers!

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