15 Tips for Riding a Motorcycle in the Rain (Part 2)

Just a few but important ones left…

9) Stay relaxed: If you’re unfamiliar with riding in bad weather, you may get a tad nervous. That’s normal. But be aware of how your body is behaving while riding your motorbike. If you’re stiff and awkward, it will affect your riding abilities. So relax your muscles and go with the flow. The more tense you are, the more likely to get tired or goof up.

10) Avoid those colours: You know that beautiful rainbow design that can be spotted on the roads occasionally? Stay clear of it! That’s slippery oil!

11) Know when to stop: If you realise at some point that your visibility is distorted beyond safe recognition, pull up at the side of the road and wait it out. Sometimes the low temperature on the other side of your visor can cause major condensation or fogginess on the very thing that you’re supposed to look through. Don’t try to ride with compromised visibility, ever!

12) Flash through the fog: If you must ride through foggy conditions, keep the four-way flashers on to warn others of your presence. And we’ve mentioned it earlier, but once more can’t hurt – Wear bright fluoros when riding, especially in bad weather. A majority of motorcycle accidents occur due to four wheel drivers simply not seeing a motorcyclist turning a corner or even just riding by.

13) Keep your distance: Since braking distances tend to be more in wet weather, it’s best to keep a safe distance between you and the next motorist. Keep an eye out at the back for tail-gaters as well in case you find some who like to act a bit funny…

14) Tell tail signs: How do you know what sort of weather lies up ahead? Observe the vehicles coming towards you. Are they wet? Are their windscreen wipers on? Or are they dry as a bone? Though it may be difficult to pick up environmental scents under a helmet, be aware of the smell of rain or even easier is to watch the clouds.

15) Stay on guard: Once the rain stops, don’t think it’s all good and back to normal. The roads will still be a bit slippery, especially the painted lines and arrows or even debris. Be careful and avoid zooming no matter how tempting it may seem!

Once you’re aware of all the possible mishaps that can occur and are prepared to tackle them, a motorbike ride in the rain, can actually be a highly liberating experience.

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